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Douglas L.

Yuppy Puppy Spa has established since 1997.
Hi, I am Douglas. I have been Trained by world-renowned Japanese groomers and have been active within the pet grooming industry for over 30 years.
I’m graduated from the Pet Grooming Studio Academy Inc. In Toronto with My Professional Dog Grooming Course Permanent Two Certificate.
2012–Present | Professional Dog Groomer

2013-Own Yuppy Puppy Spa | yuppypuppyspa.ca

2020-Established Pet Grooming Metropolis | petgroomingmetropolis.com

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Douglas L.


Senior Dog Groomer

Yuppy Puppy Spa


Main Character

About the company

Dog Can Groom So Can You | You Can Groom Your Dog Too | Know-How in 2020

Yuppy Puppy Spa | Pet Grooming Metropolis
Providing Know-How of all Dog Grooming Tips, Tricks and Skill Home Learning to be business.
PetGroomingMetropolis.com will contribute most of the Dog grooming professional Skill and Technician to the Society.
That is { { Dog Can Grooming So Can You }} Youtube Channel For.

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Full Dog Grooming technician & skill

E.g: Pet Salon, Pet Grooming, Dog Grooming, Dog De-shedding, Dog De-matting, Round up the Paws, Shaving Inside Private Area Cutting, Dog Scissors Body Cutting Style or Shaving Dog Body NON-Hair Style, Dog Face Cleaning, Dog Ears Cleaning, Dog Nails Cutting & Dog Nails Grinding, Dog Teeth Brushing, Dog Anal Glands, Dog Bathing & Dog Drying.

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